Broncos Draft Needs

The 2014 NFL Draft is this Thursday and the Broncos are looking to improve their team with some high quality picks. They have the 31st pick in the draft and others. They need some help and more depth in a lot of areas so I’ll go over some of them.

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona State

The Broncos could use an inside linebacker with their starter being Nate Irving if the season started today. He isn’t terrible, but is still inexperienced at this position. One person that might fall to the Broncos later in the draft is Arizona State’s Carl Bradford. They could also use a corner. One that is a possible steal in the draft is Virginia Tech’s Kyle Fuller.


On offense they should add some depth to their offensive line. Their line is good, but needs some more depth. On that CBS’s Rob Rang has going to them in the first round is Joel Bitonio of Nevada.

joel bitonio

The draft will be on NFL Network and ESPN on May 8th at 8 pm Eastern Time.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Great teachers have to have many good qualities. I believe that a great teacher has to actually like the subject they are teaching. They also have to like the kids they are teaching and do whatever they can to help the students learn. They should also be organized so they know what their stuff is at. Lastly, the teachers have to make their teachings interesting and fun. Great teachers are how good schools are viewed.

If you have a teacher that doesn’t know the subject they are teaching, how would that help the student? They would be learning themselves as they taught. They also have to enjoy the subject they are teaching. If a teacher doesn’t enjoy their subject, they can’t be enthusiastic about their lectures. This is why teachers need to like and know their subjects so their students actually learn.

The worst is when the teachers don’t like their students. If the teachers don’t like their students, they will grade all of their assignments differently. Even worse is when teachers pick favorites. They give the people they like good grades and the people they don’t like bad grades. So don’t be that teacher!

If teachers are organized, their time to actually teach is longer. This is because then they don’t spend their time looking for things on their computer and for their worksheets. BE ORGANIZED

Lastly, they have to make their teachings fun! You don’t want to be taught by a dead slug. That is how students fall asleep during class.

So to be a good teacher, you have to know your subject, willing to help, organized, and fun!

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Broncos Highlights 2013-14


The Broncos had one of the best offensive seasons in NFL history, but it didn’t help in the Super Bowl. They hope to make a deep run into the playoffs again this year.

All of these people can help them immensely next year, as well as their new free agent signings and future draft picks. Last season, the Broncos struggled on defense, but thrived on offense. They hope to improve both, though.

As you can see, Von Miller plays a big part of their defense. He will have even more help on the the other side of the defense as well as help in the secondary. They hope to go to the SUPER BOWL!!!

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Broncos Schedule Released

The Broncos schedule was released yesterday as they have a much tougher schedule compared to last year’s, but the Broncos still look to win everyone one! They have some tough games though, such as Week 3 at Seattle and Week 9 at New England. This is what it looks like:

2014 schedule

Local Image from Computer

The Broncos have high hopes of a Super Bowl this year. Us fans do, too. We hope to see this logo on theit

Super Bowl Logo

Image from Another Website

Peyton Manning the “Omaha Caller” looks to take the Broncos there this year again. There schedule can help them win a lot as they can also be the number 1 seed in the AFC again. Peyton will have a lot more help on defense this year, which need help last year.


Image from the Media Library

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New Free Agent Signings

signingsemmanuel The Broncos signed 4 new players this offseason that will help their chances to go back to the Super Bowl, and win! The new team meambers are: T.J. Ward, Demarcus Ware, Aquib Talib, and Emmanuel Sanders.

T.J. Ward is a safety that went to Oregon and was then drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2010 as the 38th pick. He played all 16 games for the Browns last season as he ended up as a Second-Team All-Pro. He is ready to help the Broncos secondary this year, which showed flaws in the Super Bowl.

Demarcus Ware was a force on the Dallas Cowboys defense for years as a defnsive end/outside linebacker. He was drafted as the eleventh pick out of Troy in 2005 by the ‘Boys. Ware has lead the league in sacks twice in his career. The Associated Press had him on their All-Pro Second Team 3 times and their first team 4 times. He and Von Miller look to bring a new “Orange Crush” to Denver.

Aquib Talib is also another new addition to the team. He was drafted 20th overall by the Bucs in 2008, but was later signed by the Patriots. He looks to take Champ Bailey’s spot as he is arguably one of the best corners in the league.

Emmanuel Sanders was one of Big Ben’s favorite targets in the Steel City as he will also take the place of an old player, this being Eric Decker who was signed by the New York Jets. He was drafted by the Steelers in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He had a lot of TD’s last year with 11.

These new signings are what the Broncos staff thinks is going to help them be the best of the best this year.

This was added after I published the post:

Chinese year of the horse


For more information on these players go to: Wikipedia

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